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More About Me.

I grew up in Michigan and enjoyed playing with Microsoft Paint as child. I always said I wanted to be an artist but was told I couldn't go wrong with a profession in the medical field. I started taking classes after I graduated High School with the plan on becoming a dental hygienist but eventually switched gears and followed my heart to a graphic design career. After taking some graphic design classes at a community college, I transferred to an Art School to pursue my Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis of Web Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of Michigan. I then transferred to the same school based in Chicago, The Illinois Institute of Art, and that's where I graduated from around a year later.

I now live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my husband and three Siamese rescue cats, Sia, Zuko, and Richard Parker. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting (primarily cat hats) and 3D Modeling/Printing (primarily things for cats.)

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What I Do.

  • Email Design and Development

    One of the primary things I do at my current job is design, develop and deploy emails. These include fundraising emails, event emails, invitations, newsletters and many more. When I started my position, I took on converting all emails to be mobile responsive.

  • Web Graphics/Ads

    I've done lots of graphics for use on the web including banner ads, Facebook ads, inbox ads (ex. Google Discovery), Facebook contests artwork, infographics and much more.

  • Print Design

    Some examples of print pieces I've done include Serta Mattress Newsletters, various fact sheets, pop up banners for trade shows, flyers, and fundraising postcards.

Software Experience

  • Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, RIP Flash)
  • Microsoft Suite (Have created Powerpoint presentations for senior level staff)
  • Litmus and Email On Acid for email testing
  • Email Deployment Software: Luminate Online, Listrak, Mailchimp, StrongView
  • Project Management: Smartsheet, Basecamp, Asana, Jira
  • Fusion 360 for fun: Modeled and 3D printed this cat wheel!


Highly energetic digital designer that has done work for multiple enterprise clients. Very creative and reliable digital designer specializing in web, email and graphic design. Has experience with designing and creating functional and visually pleasing websites.


2016 - Present

Alzheimer's Association

Email and Creative Senior Specialist

  • Design, code, and deploy responsive emails using conditional content to millions of users using Luminate Online
  • Design and create donation forms and implement source codes for each campaign
  • Frequently conduct A/B tests on emails
  • Work with multiple internal partners on their monthly sent newsletters
  • Design inserts for direct mail pieces

2013 - 2017


Freelance Designer

  • Refreshed some designs within the website
  • Designed print slicks and large pop-up banners for trade shows
  • Designed and coded responsive html emails



Temporary Contractor

  • Learned about the exciting and fast-paced atmosphere of a large agency
  • Worked on photo editing for two new pharmaceutical websites
  • Made client edits to wireframes of their pharmaceutical websites before launch


PureEdge Lighting

Web Content Administrator

  • Was in charge of maintaining two websites
  • Designed, coded, and deployed html emails to 15K+ subscribers
  • Designed info-graphics for social media marketing



Temporary Contractor

  • Designed several rounds of Ad Campaigns
  • Designed and built email templates that were sent out to survey takers
  • Worked with a team on the website using a CMS


Serta Mattresses

Freelance Designer

  • Worked on projects while sticking to brand guidelines
  • Used Wildfire, a Social Media Marketing Software, to make Facebook contests
  • Createed Facebook Tabs & Contests, Banner Ads, and Print Newsletters



Lead Flash Designer

  • Worked as Flash Designer and lead on training modules
  • Finished each assignment in a timely manner to stay ahead of timeline dates
  • Worked as a team with Project Manager and 3D Graphic Modeler efficiently



The Illinois Institute of Art

Bachelor's of Fine Arts

I moved to Chicago to finish up my Bachelor's Degree with a major of Web Design and Interactive Media.


The Art Institute of Michigan

Bachelor's of Fine Arts

I decided to further my graphic design education by transferring to a dedicated art school. This is where I began my major of Web Design and Interactive Media.


Oakland Community College

Started taking pre-requisite courses with becoming a dental hygienist in mind and then decided to follow my heart and switched to taking graphic design classes.


See My Latest Projects.

Welcome Series

This email is from a series which welcomes users after signing up. I designed, coded, and scheduled it. This is a recurring message that sends on a daily basis. View link.

Facebook Ad

This is a Facebook ad that I designed which promoted a premium campaign. I used Illustrator for this design.

Photographer's Website

I designed this website for a photographer and built it using Wordpress. View site.

Travel Management Company Sheet

This is a print handout that I created for a travel management company. I used Illustrator to create this piece.

Travel Management Company Sheet

This is a print handout that I created for a travel management company. I designed this in Illustrator.

Display Ad

A display ad that I designed to drive traffic to a donation form. I created all the standard size variations and typically make two different designs a month for A/B testing. I used Illustrator for this ad.

Save the Date Email

This is a Save the Date email I created for a large conference. I designed and coded it and then loaded it into Luminate Online to deploy to a specific audience. View link.


This is a postcard that I designed to drive traffic to a donation form using a service called Pebble Post. I designed this in Illustrator. It was mailed out at GivingTuesday time and included a vanity URL to the donation form, which I also set up.


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